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About Us

In the Department of Modern Languages we serve hundreds of students every semester, offering courses for minors, majors, and basic language requirements. We offer:

At the undergraduate level: B.A. in Modern Languages with either a concentration in French or a concentration in Spanish, as well as minors in French, Spanish, German, and Arabic Studies. We also offer English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).
At the graduate levelM.A. in French and a Ph.D. in Francophone Studies.

Our programs in French focus on France and the Francophone world, including Louisiana. The programs in Spanish focus strongly, although not exclusively, on Latin America. Many of our faculty are noted scholars in their fields and represent many areas of the Francophone and Hispanophone worlds. Our students regularly travel abroad with several different programs and exchanges around the world.

We take a strong, campus-wide interest in cross-disciplinary study. We work closely with the Center for Louisiana Studies, as well as with colleagues in anthropology, English, film studies, folklore, history and geography, humanities, Latin American studies, music, and women's studies, with whom we offer team-taught courses.

The department publishes Études Francophones, a refereed scholarly journal devoted to all aspects of Francophone Studies.

Our community activities include outreach to Lafayette Parish schools' immersion programs and continued partnership with the Council for Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) and Festivals Acadiens et Créoles.

After minoring or majoring in a language, our graduates often travel and work in countries where their target language is spoken, while others go to graduate school or enter the professional world. Our students receive unique training that opens career avenues that are outside the range of the usual. Recent French graduates have been accepted into the Escadrille Louisiane program, where they earn a Master of Arts in Teaching and receive contracts to teach French in Louisiana schools for three years. Other graduates participate in the Teaching Assistant Program (TAPIF) in France.

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