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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The University offers English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). ESOL classes are for non-native speakers of English who have fulfilled the University’s admissions requirements.

University policy requires non-native speakers of English to take ESOL 101 and 102 to fulfill their freshman English requirements. International students incorrectly or mistakenly enrolled in ENGL should enroll in ESOL instead. Consult UL Lafayette's Requirements for International Students.

Course offerings include ESOL 101, 102, and 402. ESOL 101 and 102 are equivalent to English 101 and 102, and fulfill University requirements in freshman English.

ESOL courses are not the same as those for the Intensive English Program (IEP). ESOL is for students who have been admitted to the University, while IEP is for students who need to improve their English skills before they can enter a degree program at the University.

Classes for the IEP are offered through the Office of International Affairs. There are six proficiency levels of instruction in the IEP. In all of these levels, students receive 20 hours of instruction in grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation per week. Classes are purposely kept small so that students can receive the individual attention needed to improve English language skills.

ESOL Faculty

Denise Marceaux is ESOL Coordinator and Master Instructor in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she teaches two academic writing classes, an international teaching assistant teacher training class and a literature class and is also a distance learning course designer. Marceaux has presented on a variety of topics for TESOL and LaTESOL.  She served on the board of LaTESOL from 2007-2011 and was local co-chair for the TESOL 2011 conference in New Orleans.

If you have questions, you can contact Denise Marceaux via:

Office: 427 Griffin Hall 
Phone: (337) 482-5441