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Undergraduate Advising

Modern Languages undergraduate majors should contact their advisor for policies and procedures regarding advising. Typically, this involves:

  1. Scheduling an appointment with your advisor or checking their schedule for Office Hours. Most faculty post a sign-up sheet on their office doors with appointment times.
  2. Picking up a blank scheduling (Blue) form in the Modern Languages Office.
  3. Filling out a copy of your credit distribution sheet.
  4. Having a list of course needs and questions ready for your advisor.
  5. Having a plan for your future semesters!

If you don't know who your advisor is, check ULink.

Graduate Advising

The Graduate Coordinator is the advisor for all graduate students except for students who are ABD and writing their dissertations. Dissertation directors are the advisors for their dissertation students. All graduate students must meet with their advisor each semester to discuss their progress toward degree, including selecting courses and comprehensive examination areas, and to discuss any other matters pertinent to their studies.

Where and When

Office hours for all faculty members are posted in the Modern Languages Office and on the door of each faculty member. 

Advising is conducted by appointment with your advisor during the advising period in the middle of the semester.