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Graduate Programs

Une formation singulière en études francophones

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers the only graduate program in the United States specifically in Francophone Studies and provides students the opportunity to study all the regions of la Francophonie individually and as a whole.

La Louisiane comme lieu de rencontre

The university itself is located in the heart of French Louisiana, a cultural crossroads joining many areas of the contemporary Francophone world that share historical and linguistic roots. The natural beauty of the landscape provides a fitting setting for the culture’s unique heritage and multicultural diversity.

Diversité dans tous les sens

The breadth and reach of the courses and approaches offered in the Masters and doctoral programs reflect this diversity and richness and make the experience at UL Lafayette unique. Our dynamic, innovative, and interdisciplinary program regularly provides courses on the literatures, cinema, and cultures of France, Belgium, Quebec, Acadia, Louisiana, the Antilles and Haïti, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Maghreb. The graduate program in Francophone Studies was the first in the United States to design courses on Louisiana Cajun and Creole languages, as well as courses on Belgian Francophone literature.

Faisons partie du futur francophone louisianais !

Students from all over the Francophone World come together at UL Lafayette to explore the rich variety, hybridity, and créolisation of the global Francophonie using a variety of approaches: literary, linguistic, critical, ethnographic, cinematographic, historical, culture and folklore studies.

Masters in French

Our Masters program will allow you to broaden and deepen your understanding of the Francophone World and enhance your ability to conduct research in your field. Alone, it can enhance your competitiveness on the job market, or it will prepare you for even more advanced and specialized study in your field.

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PhD in Francophone Studies

Our unique program prepares you for a career in higher education. You will enter the highly competitive academic job market with specialized training in research, teaching, and professional skills.

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Venez étudier avec nous-autres !

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