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ESOL Requirements

After successful completion of Level 6 at the Intensive English Program (IEP), students can take the IEP-UL Lafayette Exit Exam. With a satisfactory score, students may enter the University without taking the TOEFL. Please visit the Office of International Affair website for more information on the Intensive English Program. 

ESOL classes are for non-native speakers of English who have fulfilled the University’s admissions requirements. Course offerings include ESOL 101, 102, and 402. ESOL 101 and 102 are equivalent to English 101 and 102, and fulfill University requirements in freshman English. 

It is essential that ESOL students who need to improve their English skills before they can enter a degree program at the University receive this. Classes are purposely kept small so that students can receive the individual attention needed to improve English language skills. We urge all ESOL students to get the most out of these classes to ensure your success in future coursework.