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Career Opportunities for French Majors

French is the official language of 30 nations distributed primarily throughout Europe, North America, Africa, and the Caribbean. The abilities you develop in our programs are valued in all industries and will help to open up the global job market to you.

Careers in teaching, international business, translation, and government service require linguistic fluency, cultural and historical awareness, reading, writing, analytical, and argumentative skills. Potential employers include international aid agencies, international schools, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, import/export companies, foreign firms operating in US, travel agencies, and universities.

Earning a degree in French and Francophone Studies gives you versatility for your future.

Our recent graduates are pursuing careers that include:

  • Teaching French in the US or teaching in France
  • Working in tourism and cultural heritage
  • Directing historical and cultural sites
  • Making films
  • Practicing medicine
  • Opening small businesses
  • Practicing law
  • Serving as a legislative intern
  • Working as professional writers, artists, and musicians
  • Serving in educational leadership in traditional and immersion settings
  • Pursuing advanced degrees in a variety of fields, including folklore, historic preservation, and French and Francophone Studies

All of our graduates and current students are actively participating in the preservation of French and Francophone heritage in Louisiana.

Venez faire partie du futur francophone louisianais!