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Arabic Studies Study Abroad Opportunities

Study in Morocco in Summer 2022

Imagine yourself spending four weeks in Summer in Rabat, Morocco — a bustling city with medieval marketplaces, ancient city walls against the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and a rich cultural life with art galleries, music, and theater.

You will learn the Arabic language and culture and earn university credits while immersing yourself in a new culture, enjoying a variety of dishes from the Moroccan cuisine, meeting new people, and making long-lasting friendships. For no additional cost, you will also go on weekend excursions to places across the country such as Meknes, Fes, Chefchaouen, Tanger, and the Sahara.

The Morocco Study Abroad Program is an Arabic language program at Qalam Wa Lawh institution, a leader in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers with resources and expertise in organizing and managing study abroad programs. This program will immerse students in the Arabic language and culture through intensive Arabic language classes (all levels available). Students will receive 6-9 credit hours for the Arabic Studies minor (6 credits in Arabic language and potentially 3 in Humanities).

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Other Study Abroad Opportunities for Arabic Studies

Students benefit from scholarship opportunities to study Arabic abroad at little or no cost. The Critical Language Scholarship Program, Arabic Overseas Language Flagship Program, and the National Security Education Program's Boren Awards each provide focused, immersive experiences that enable you to reach much higher levels of linguistic and cultural proficiency than is achievable through US-based study alone.

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