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Spanish Major Checklist

Spanish Courses – 33 hours

  • SPAN 310 Composition
  • SPAN 320 Introduction to Hispanic Cultures
  • SPAN 330 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
  • SPAN 340 Introduction to Hispanic Literatures
  • SPAN 410 Advanced Composition or SPAN 420 History of the Spanish Language
  • Two courses chosen from SPAN 431 Survey of Spanish Literature I, or SPAN 432 Survey of Spanish Literature II, or SPAN 441 Survey of Latin American Literature I, or SPAN 442 Survey of Latin American Literature II
  • SPAN 451 Topics in Hispanic Culture, or SPAN 455 Hispanic Cinema, or SPAN 462 Linguistic Studies, or SPAN 480 Topics in Spanish American Literature, or SPAN 491 Topics in Peninsular Spanish Literature, or SPAN 492 Topics in Hispanic Literature
  • Three 300- or 400-level SPAN elective courses chosen in consultation with advisor

You are also required to take two other Spanish courses (6 credit hours), but they count toward your general core requirements and not your major courses:

  • SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish
  • SPAN 202 Spanish Readings

Minor Courses – 18 credit hours

18 hours in a specific academic field or in a predefined interdisciplinary area. A minimum of 6 hours must be at the 300- or 400-level. Some minors may require more than 18 hours.

General Core Requirements

English Courses – 12 credit hours

  • ENGL 101 Introduction to Academic Writing
  • ENGL 102 Writing and Research about Culture
  • Two English literature electives chosen from ENGL 201 or above

History Courses – 9 credit hours

  • HIST 352 Latin American since 1824, if available. If this course is not offered, you should select a replacement in consultation with your advisor.
  • Two HIST electives chosen in consultation with advisor

Math/Statistics Courses – 6 credit hours

  • MATH 102 Quantitative Reasoning, or MATH 103 Applied College Algebra Fundamentals and 104 Applied College Algebra Fundamental Practicum, or MATH 105 Applied College Algebra
  • MATH 206 Mathematics of Finance, or MATH 210 Practical Math, or STAT 214 Elementary Statistics

Science Courses – 9 credit hours
Science courses must be taken in two fields of study, one of which must be Biology. The other field may be Chemistry, Geology or Physics. Six credit hours must be taken in one of the two fields, and three credit hours in the other.

Communication Course – 3 credit hours
CMCN 100 Principles of Human Communication, or CMCN Oral Communication for International Students, or CMCN 310 Public Speaking, or ENGL 360 Advanced Writing, or ENGL 365 Technical Writing

Arts Course – 3 credit hours
Choose from DANC, DSGN, MUS, THEA or VIAR

Behavioral Science Courses – 6 credit hours
Choose from ANTH, CJUS, ECON, GEOG, POLS, PSYC or SOCI. Three credit hours must be above the 100-level.

Elective Courses – 15 credit hours
UNIV 100 First Year Seminar

Humanities Elective: Choose from ENGL, MODL, HIST, PHIL, HUMN, or CMCN 100, 101 or 310. Must be outside of your major

  • Two elective courses that complement students' academic interests and professional goals, chosen in consultation with advisor
  • One free elective course