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Marie-Laure Boudreau at Media and Tertiary Memory Workshop

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Marie-Laure Boudreau (Ph.D. candidate in Francophone Studies at UL Lafayette) was invited to take part and present at the workshop “Media and Tertiary Memory,” organized by Dr. Vincent Bouchard (Indiana University) and Dr. Ira Wagman (Carleton University), which was held at Indiana University – Bloomington, October 6th and 7th. The Keynote lecture was given by philosopher Bernard Stiegler from the Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation – Paris. This workshop was a scholarly meeting between scholars working in different fields of the Humanities interested in the impact of technology on human perception. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas, in a bilingual fashion, and discover different perspectives on the uses and development of technology that affect us in our everyday lives, as well as through the work of artists who engage with these technologies. Marie-Laure presented about her doctoral research on the uses of the internet in the context of Cajun and Creole traditional music.

You can also check out Marie-Laure’s music here.